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Media context advertising

Media contextual banner - It's a picture or media roller which is shown on page of search results, when the user types in search system goods or services on Yandex, Rambler or Mail.Ru.

The media context combines advantages both contextual advertising (possibility of a choice of target audience, time and geography), and usual media advertising (visual contact to the Internet audience, increase recognition of your brand).

The basic advantages of media context advertising:
  • binding to key phrases - displays only for interested users
  • start in day of payment
  • geographical and time targeting (possibility of a choice of time and announcement geography)
  • target audience choice
  • possibility to change placing and advertising execution, and also pages to which the user passes
  • visual contact to the Internet user - recognition of a logo

We are ready to offer you placing of a media context in search deliveries of Yandex, Mail.Ru and Rambler.

For calculation cost of advertising campaign you can call us +7(495)771-55-57 or send the order through the feedback form, and we will operatively prepare offer for you.

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