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Efficiency analysis of Internet Advertising


Operating various advertising campaigns in favour of web site advancement on the Internet it is possible to meet a problem when the got profit does not justify investments. As a rule, it is depend on a popularity of site subjects, with a choice of a kind of advertising and site quality. Certainly, with a full complex of advertising services your site will occupy TOP positions. But how to make, that for the smaller budget the site brought more new clients? How to define, which kind of advertising is most actual and effective?

Wish to learn about the web site more?

By means of analytical program Google Analytics our company will prepare the report on of your site, considering its specificity. During advertising campaign, directed on increase of attendance on your site, there is possibility to define:

  • how much time visitors spend on a site
  • popular pages of a site
  • quantity of new and regular customers
  • how many pages were looked through
  • people percent which quickly left a site
  • people percent which studied site in more details
  • sites from which more often visitors pass on your site
  • efficiency analysis of going advertising campaigns on the Internet
  • search inquiries by which visitors find your site

Your site can bring more clients!

Google Analytics is analytical tool which help to understand how visitors navigate on your web site. Making the analysis of your site on Google Analytics we will give you the data, visitors on your site, what pages they visit, as long remain on a site, what prefer, what thing push to leave the site and as often they come back. On an example of the schedules created in the report, you can track demand on a product or service. Analysis of your site functioning will give the chance to estimate traffic on a web site and efficiency of various marketing actions.

Оbtained data will allow you to modify structure and the information on a site according to search inquiries of visitors, and also considerably optimise advertising expenses!

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